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Three absolutely wrong stereotypes of BBW singles

jessieIt seems that the concept of BBW singles is breaking out like wildfire nowadays. This has been a long time coming and more and most people are happy about it. I definitely am. Although I’m not really big into BBW singles, it is a beautiful thing nevertheless when people open their minds regarding all sorts of beauty. I don’t have any preference when comes to women. That’s the great thing about BBW singles; they really highlight the fact that beauty can be found anywhere.

Unfortunately, there are all sorts of misconceptions and bullshit ideas regarding these women. This really is too bad because idiotic guys that subscribe to these ideas end up missing out on a lot. If you want to get to the truth regarding BBW singles, you need to avoid these bullshit stereotypes.

They smell like onions

There’s an old stereotype in America that overweight people smell like onions. This is stupid. It’s not like all fat people eat sandwiches. It’s not like that at all. Unfortunately, such stereotypes get a lot of laughs and they get propagated whether they’re true or not. Talk about a joke.

They are all fat

The truth is, proportionality counts for a lot. If you mean a woman who is overweight by 50 pounds or more but she is proportionate, she doesn’t look fat at all. She would be the one of the most amazing things that you’ve seen. A lot of Latino guys have discovered this. A lot of black guys have discovered this. There is a classic word for women that look this way — big and proportional. The word is "voluptuous."

If you’re looking for a good time, you might want to tap voluptuous ass. Because it can open to you a wide vista of distinct pleasures.

They are all unhappy

There’s an old saying that fat people are all unhappy, that there’s something fundamentally wrong with them mentally. This belief is wrong. This is really just a restatement of the bullshit thinking that only slim people, or people whose figures meet the conventional standard, have a right to be happy. Don’t believe that at all. The truth is anyone can be happy if they choose to.

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